Hasta los Huesos (Down to the Bone, 2002) – Short Film

Only one more day until Halloween, so I thought it would be appropriate to round things out here at 540 Feet with another spooky animated short to carry us from All Hallows Eve through Dia de Muertos. Hasta los huesos (Down to the Bone, 2002) is an amazing stop motion short from director René Castilla about a man who is buried alive and descends into the underworld. The use of color and lighting here is perfectly done, and the caricatured figures are a wonderful stylistic choice. Most of all, I love how much more lively (pun intended) the underworld is than the world of the living (an idea which would be used again, to great effect, in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride in 2005). This one is great fun, and well worth 12 minutes of your day.


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