Sausage – Short Film

Here’s a fun short film to enliven the second half of your work week. Sausage, by Robert Grieves, is a delightful story about two small food vendors taking on the new fast-food vendor (think Snidely Whiplash with a food truck) that arrives in town. I love the old-school 2D look of the animation here, especially when used to animate the very modern gadgets on evil food vendor’s food truck — it’s a nice aesthetic contrast that really highlights the charm of the film’s design. Even better, though, is the very English suggestion that bread and sausage — or sausageinnabun, as the vendors say — is the trump card of the street food scene; this is totally correct, of course (although the cinnamon coated nut vendors on my street are giving them a run for their money). Sausage has already won numerous accolades at film festival around the world, and was on the the long-list for potential Oscar nominees for 2015, though it sadly didn’t make it to the short list. Get in on the fun, and take a look at this wonderful short.

Find out more about this film and the very talented man behind it here.


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