Footprints – Trailer

Here’s a trailer for another of the short animated films that made it to the short list for the 2015 Academy Awards. Footprints is the work of Bill Plympton (Your Face, Idiots and Angels, Guard Dog), an amazing animator who has already been nominated by the Academy twice before and won countless other honors for his work. Like other Plympton films, Footprints is entirely hand-drawn (with a ball-point pen, no less),  but it is a thematic departure from other Plympton creations, in that it tackles environmental issues rather than the sex and violence themes that recur in some of Plympton’s other animated films.

While there is no word yet on exactly how one might see the full film if not already an Academy voter, I have no doubt this one will be well worth getting out to see once it goes public. If you’d like to see more about Bill Plympton’s work, Footprints, or his forthcoming feature film Cheatin’, visit his website here.



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