Buy Buy Baby – Short Film

Our short for this week is a playful, classically styled comedy about the perils of bring-your-kid-to-work days. Buy Buy Baby is set (loosely) in the 1920s, and centers around a powerful Wall Street broker who brings his baby to the office for the day, with disastrous consequences. While the plot — helpless innocent wanders in and out of trouble while the caretaker gets ensnared in said trouble — has been used many times before (including in many classic Goofy cartoons, Sylvester cartoons, and the Buttons and Mindy section of The Animaniacs), I really enjoyed the way this story unfolded. I also really liked the use of an older aesthetic style for the short, which reminds me of the UPA animation style of the 1950s, using the ‘limited’ animation technique combined with some expressionist moments. This was director Gervais Merryweather’s graduation project for the National Film & Television School, and hopefully we will see much more from him in the future.


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