The Alchemist’s Letter — Trailer

Even though I consider myself something of a short-film fanatic, it isn’t often that the teaser for a festival-circuit short film gets me more excited than the glitzy feature film trailers that most often make the rounds. The trailer for Pixel Veil Productions’ The Alchemist’s Letter — due to screen in festivals this year — is a definite exception, and may be one of the more exciting films coming out this season. Directed by Carlos Andre Stevens (an award-winning commercial director at HouseSpecial), the story follows Veridian, a young man who, upon his estranged father’s death, discovers that his father built a gold-making machine powered by his own memories. Embarking on an enchanted journey through the vessels of the machine — an exploration of the alchemist’s most precious memories — Veridian is given one last life lesson, and a chance to save his own relationship with his daughter.

Wonderfully inventive and visually stunning, The Alchemist’s Letter was brought to life by artists from the acclaimed stop-motion studio Laika (The BoxtrollsParanorman) and HouseSpecial (formerly Laika/house). While there is no word yet on which festivals will be screening this gorgeous film, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an opportunity to see this one soon.

Learn more about the film at



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