Ascension — Short Film

I’ve been meaning to post this amazing short for a while now, but the high number of mountain disasters that unfolded in the early portion of 2015 kept it in my stores until now, when it feels more appropriate to laugh at mountaineering mishaps.

Created by five students from the Supinfocom school in France, Ascension is a wonderfully inventive story of two climbers trying to place a religious icon on a snow-covered mountain peak. While I initially was worried that this would be a somber film — some form of think piece on the dark elements of religious devotion — I was soon proved entirely wrong.

Ascension is a beautifully crafted slapstick short, with elements that would have seemed right at home with both Buster Keaton and Bugs Bunny, but with enough serious elements to balance the tone of the film and make the short feel like a complete story. Add to that a gorgeous visual design with stunning landscapes and two completely engaging characters, this student film feels like the complete package and, moreover, feels like something that might have come from any of the big-budget animation studios.


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