The Harvest — Short Film

One more day until Christmas!

What’s that you say? You’re tired of Christmas already? Seeing the ads and listening to holiday music since Halloween has you sick to the teeth of the whole season? Well, I’ve got just the holiday short for you!

The Harvest is an impressively scary holiday tale from Colombia about a little girl who gets out of bed to try and see Santa and sees… something else entirely. Directed by Jorge Jaramillo and written by Luis Fernando Mora, this short film is guaranteed to keep you for from attempting that midnight run downstairs to snack on one of Santa’s cookies.


More Stuff — Short Film

There’s nothing quite like trying to watch TV during the holiday season to convince you that the true meaning of Christmas might actually be about stuff. From arguments about coffee cups to ever-expanding shopping days to the car commercials that think that a family of two really needs four cars (just put a bow on it!), it’s incredible how many times per day we are encouraged to get, well, more stuff.

More Stuff, a short animated musical from Blue Zoo and musical comedian Ben Champion, is a hilarious response to the sometimes-overwhelming Christmas commercialism. Directed by animators Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch, the short has the look and feel of a for-television Christmas special, which contrasts wonderfully with the cheeky lyrics by Champion. My favorite bit is the nude elves — now that’s something you’ll never see in a Christmas special!