Dia de los Muertos – Short Film

Here in the US, the day after Halloween seems to be reserved for laying around in a candy coma and scooping up rotting pumpkin off the front stoop. But for our neighbors to the south, today is one of three days devoted to the remembrance of family who have died, the holiday Día de Muertos.

This lovingly crafted short film by HouseSpecial’s Kirk Kelley is a great way to dive into the holiday. Each scene is beautifully lit and evocatively shot, as the reflective mood that begins the short seamlessly gives way to the (pardon the pun) liveliness of the dead’s celebration. I also love how richly textured this short is, with every stone, candle and bone taking on unique qualities of their own.


A Tale of Momentum and Inertia – Short Film

Here’s a wonderful, ultra-short film guaranteed to brighten up your week. A Tale of Momentum and Inertia, made by the outstanding animation company HouseSpecial, is a perfect example of how to tell a big story in a small space. Perfectly timed to get a big belly laugh, this one has already been making the rounds on bigger sites but was so enjoyable I had to share with the brave few who follow this blog. Happy viewing!